3rd Grade Boys

Coach: Paul Huang

Paul Huang -  Coach Paul Huang has been a volunteer and assisted the Nighthawk Youth Basketball Club at the third and fourth grade levels for the past two years. Paul encourages boys to focus on fundamental skills, footwork, sportsmanship, and diligence. While growing up in southeast Asia, Paul had played at varsity basketball levels throughout the high school years. Outside of coaching, Paul is a technologist solving the latest 5G challenges ; studies sneakers performance ; follows NCAA & NBA highlights ; embraces the SoCal melting pot cultures and international food. Paul is also involved with the early childhood Montessori education for kids at the local community. In addition to executing basketball plays and strategies, Paul puts emphasis on the situation awareness on the court, guiding the young minds to make wise decisions. Paul is looking forward to the dedication and the growth of the Nighthawk family!

Bradley Mamaril
Carter Swalnick
Jacob Chou
Ribhav Deep
Shrikar Vattikuti
Smyan Angadi
Jasan Boparai
Adhitya Vimalraj

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