NYBC & DN Hoops Support Staff:

Bob Spahn - Director 

James Shertz - Asst Director, Head of Operations, Boys Division

Melissa Peng - Head of Operations, Girls Division

Sarah Hartman - Admin & Finance

James Shertz - Scheduling

Sarah Hartman - Summer Camp Admin

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Dear Nighthawks Players –  On behalf of the entire Nighthawk Youth Basketball Club (NYBC) Coaching Staff, let me be the first to congratulate you on being selected to a NYBC team.  This year’s tryouts were the highest attended tryouts we have had.  We found it to be the most competitive tryouts to date with more than 50 participants unfortunately not being selected.  You should be very proud and appreciative of this accomplishment.  We look forward to another great 9 months of basketball and can’t wait to get to work. 

Dear Nighthawk Parents –  For those of you returning for another year of Nighthawk basketball; we truly appreciate your continued dedication and unconditional support of the NYBC.  To all our new members; welcome to the NYBC and we hope this experience is a memorable one for you and your player.  The following information is provided in hopes to help answer any questions you may have and to help us get started with all the administrative and logistics involved with the new season.

·      Club Dues – we now have an on-line payment service at that will allow you to make your quarterly payment.  Please know that if you choose to pay on-line, you will incur a $12.50 processing fee, with your total amount paid being $387.50.  You can still pay by check for the entire quarter which will be $375.00.  If you choose to pay monthly at $125.00, this will be only allowed by a check drafted directly from your bank.  Payments must be received by Friday, September 8th and can either be paid on-line, mailed to the below address or given to your coach at the FIRST practice next week.  Failure to make payment by Friday, September 8th will result in immediate suspension of your players participation in all NYBC activities. 

Mailing Address:  NYBC, 12582 Calle Tamega #104, San Diego, CA 92128

·       Uniforms – we will have our new order of uniforms available for purchase by September 15th.  The cost of the uniform is $30 for Jersey and $30 for Short.  All players MUST own a uniform and wear to all games.  We will have a spirit gear & uniform sale on a future date to be announced next week. 

Practice Schedule – while we always do our very best to ensure the schedule practices take place, we are subject to being “bumped” out of any school facility due to an internal school activity.  We hope to be given a 24-48 hour advance notice, however this is not always the case.  We will do our very best to make up any canceled practices.  Due to the very tight schedule and valuable gym time for each team, we ask that players to not enter the gym early (unless authorized by the coach) and to always depart the gym immediately after practice.  This is so that all teams can take full advantage of their allotted practice time.  You can find the practice schedule and school ledger at (click on the schedule tab). 

Game Schedule – we will be entering our teams in either the San Diego Sol or the Top Gun Academy fall leagues.  Both leagues are scheduled to start on Sep 23rd.  It is not unusual for us to receive the final schedule one or two days prior to the start of the league(s).  We ask that you keep Saturday, Sep 23rd open as much as possible.

Thank you and GO NIGHTHAWKS!!



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